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Company owner, David Salter comes from three generations of grocery store owners. He grew up enjoying sandwiches at his grandparents’ store in Riverbank, California and remembers helping stock shelves at his uncle’s store in Modesto, California when he was 5 years old. Those experiences along with watching his parents run their own company for many years, inspired him to ultimately go into business for himself.

David got an opportunity to go into the distributing business when he was only 17 years old. After learning about the business, he opened his own distributing company in Modesto in 1990. He has been in the business ever since. His company has grown to distribute to over 1800 stores in Central California. David began as a toy specialist and, over the past 29 years, has diversified into many different product lines at his customers’ request.

David runs the business along with his wife, Cheryl Salter. They have enjoyed teaching hard work and business skills to their four children, Tiffany, Amber, Alex and Samantha, through their distributing company. The company began very much as a small family business but has continued to grow each year and added many employees.

FillMyStore.com was created out of David’s dream to reach stores that we cannot personally deliver our product to. That is why we have taken our company nationwide and made our merchandise available on this website for your convenience. David is constantly searching the marketplace to find the best product at the best prices. The expertise that David has developed in the past 20 years will give your store the ability to sell an extensive variety of fast-moving general merchandise at competitive prices and will help your store achieve great profits.